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  • Provide a comprehensive screening assessment to determine your risk level for sleep apnea.


  • Conduct consultation appointments for the patient to further assess health risks and concerns, as well as evaluate patient’s candidacy as a dental sleep therapy patient.


  • Refer patients to local sleep study company who will provide patients with Home Sleep Test equipment, educate patients on how to properly conduct the Home Sleep Test, as well as have a board-certified physician with advanced training in Sleep Medicine read and diagnose the results from the Home Sleep Test. If necessary, we can also refer patients who require in-lab sleep studies.


  • Fabricate a custom-made dental sleep device based on patient’s needs.


  • Follow-up appointments with patients to assess effectiveness of dental sleep device, make necessary adjustments to the device, and provide device maintenance as needed.


  • We are proud to offer many different dental sleep devices at our office. At the bottom of this page, we have outlined a few of our more popular devices. Dr. Sandvick will work with you to select the device that best serves your sleep health needs.



  • Manufactured with 3D printing.

  • Ultra-thin and flexible for a very comfortable fit.



  • Allows for freedom of movement.

  • Maximum tongue space.

  • Easily adjustable.



  • Very durable.

  • Medicare approved.

  • Easily adjustable via key mechanism.


Dorsal Fin

  • Ideal for patients who will require future dental work.

  • Allows maximal space for tongue.



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